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We aim to facilitate a successful career of young athletes.

Closing conference 28.06.2022

At the final conference, the aim goal was to popularize the project and its results with the disclosure of innovative intellectual products, output from the efforts of the collaborative partnership of the multinational project team, and presentation of the established network of interested organizations as a positive example of future partnerships. The conference took a place in the National Museum of Earth and Man in Sofia. The participants were 156 people from Cycling clubs, National Sports Academy, Bulgarian Cycling Federation, Sofia-European Capital of Sport, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, and so on.

Closing conference 28.06.2022

On June 28, 2022, we invite you to become part of the SET4DC project. SET4DC (Sportsmen Education and Training For Dual Career) is a project for the athlete’s double career.

The topic is about the opportunity for professional cyclists to continue their journey as managers and coaches in cycling clubs, for their overall development in the field of cycling and sports after the end of their active careers. 🚴‍♂️

If you are an avid cyclist or a professional, but your career is interrupted due to injury or other obstacles and you are ready to pass on your experience and knowledge to the younger generation, the SET4DC Final evaluation meeting is the perfect place for you to get more explanations and details. 👨‍🏫➡️🧑‍🎓

How to participate in the event? To participate you need to be a cycling fan or a professional cyclist who wants to continue your active career and learn more about the project. 🧠

The event is completely free. Food and drinks will be provided. Each participant will receive a small gift. 🎁

The event will take place on June 28, 2021. (Tuesday) at 18:00. The place is South Park – II, Thermal Power Plant, on the corner of Petko Karavelov Street and Emil Bersinski Street.

Registration is mandatory at the following link: If you have no registration, you can not attend the event.

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us. Can not wait to see you!

What we do

SET4DC aim at elite cyclist willing to continue their professional sports a career as management and/or supporting in cycling clubs. The target groups are cyclists, coaches, and managers, researchers, volunteers, state and private sports organizations.

The main goal is to facilitate a successful career for young athletes by bringing them the right supporting training and hence contributing that at a later stage of life, they keep a balance between sports training and employment.

Go through our intellectual outputs to learn more.